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SOS Global Indians was founded in March 2020 as an online community to help People Of Indian Origin, Non-Resident Indians, Indians emigrating abroad and their families, maneuver through the challenges thrown up by COVID-19. Thereafter we have evolved into becoming a support system for global Indians facing “Life Challenges” across a multitude of critical areas that impact their everyday life. Since inception, we have successfully helped thousands of Indians overcome such challenges and grown to become the go to platform for them.

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Education Abroad

Before Using Augmented and Virtual Reality Tools, Teachers Should Develop a Plan

As an early adopter and enthusiast for immersive technology in schools, I’ve had the opportunity to share ways to use.

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Geriatric Parent Support

How to plan ahead to age in place

Planning ahead is hard because you never know how your needs might change. The first step is to think about.

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Increased business travel and spending anticipated in 2023

Travel buyers believe domestic business travel bookings have recovered to 67% of pre-pandemic bookings, according to a new report. The.

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Founder’s Speak

In March 2020, COVID-19 emerged out of nowhere, and one of my parents, who was visiting me in the US at the time, was stranded with no means to return back to India. I searched online for a singular platform where overseas Indians like me could connect and find solutions to the problems we were facing but found none. My helplessness in that moment, led me to form the SOS Global Indians ™ community and today I’m proud to see it become one of the largest online support platforms for global Indians. From the Vande Bharat Mission Flights, the OCI travel petition campaign, the second wave of COVID-19 in India, the Indians in Ukraine evacuation and the current job lay offs crisis, our platform has supported thousands of fellow Indians, creating significant impact at a large scale. In 2022, SOS Global Indians ™ was recognized by Meta Global (Facebook) as a Top 5 community for the India region.

Michael Khanna
Founder, SOS Global IndiansTM

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